AUQLDREPMT28 & AUQLDREPMT29 - ADL Distributed Special Conditions

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19 Nov 2018


Where the period of tenancy is longer than 12 months, the Tenant will as necessary, but not less than once in every 12 month period, cause to be cleared of leaves and other debris, all gutters forming part of the Premises.

Objects Causing Damage

The Tenant will not cause to be constructed or placed upon any part of the Premises, without first obtaining the written consent of the Lessor, any shed, container, above ground pool or other object likely to cause damage to the Premises or grounds forming part of the Premises.

Objects Causing Damage clause amended and moved to Addendum - Special Terms Clause 2(g)

Smoke Alarms – Maintenance Company Employed

Notwithstanding the provisions of Addendum – Special Terms Clause 2(lk) the Lessor confirms and acknowledges it will contract with <<Enter the Name of the Smoke Alarm Maintenance Company Here>> to attend the Premises for the purpose of carrying out smoke alarm maintenance at the Lessor’s cost, <<Enter the Number of Times per year Here>> times per year.