Contract of Sale of Real Estate - Special Condition (Electronic Conveyancing) - AUVICREPS014

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21 Jan 2019

Form deleted.


26 May 2018 v1.1

Additions / Changes:


Clause 1(10)

Each party must do everything reasonably necessary and in a reasonable timeframe to ensure:


settlement occurs electronically on the due date for settlement; or


where, the parties haveing complied with general conditions in the contract in respect of settlement and the provisions of this special condition, and settlement cannot occur by e-conveyance and on the due date neither party is in default, and settlement will be completed:


by e-conveyance on the next business day after the due date for settlement; or if the parties agree,


if the parties agree, using a method other than e-conveyance, in which case settlement must be within 3 business days of the due date for settlement,

and in either case, time remains of the essence.