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BLACK = Old Item/Clause  | RED = New Item/Clause | BLUE = Comments About Change (Not Part of Form) | STRIKEOUT = Wording Deleted


01 Dec 2014

Form replaced by PO Form 6


18 Feb 2013 v4.5

Additions / Changes:

Property Address

A field was added above the Address line to allow for the addition of a Business Name or other relevant details (if applicable).


22 Aug 2012 v4.4

Additions / Changes:

Agent Details

The PAMDA Appointment of Agent forms (20a, 21a, 22a, 23 & 24a) all contain wording instructing the parties to 'complete in BLOCK letters'.


Even though we will continue to allow the user to enter text in the format of their choice (Uppercase or Upper/Lower) on these forms, as preferred by most agents, we have reverted to forcing the Agent's details only, on these forms, to display and print in Uppercase as advised by the OFT. This is because you can't change your agent details on these forms through ADLForms.


26 Aug 2009 v4.3

Additions / Changes:

Changes made to the PAMD Form 23 as per the Warning Message, when opening the form, within the ADLForms program.


28 July 2009 v4.2

Changes as per Office of Fair Trading


04 Feb 2008 v4.1

Changes as per Office of Fair Trading