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11 Jun 2015 v1.3

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14 Nov 2012 v1.2

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Tenant’s Confirmation

For Documents Relating to the Commencement of a Residential Tenancy in QLD

Item 4

Form(s) for the commencement of the Tenancy

RTA Form 17a Information Statement – Renting a house or unit in QLD / RTA Form 17b - Renting a caravan or moveable dwelling in QLD

RTA Form 18a General Tenancy Agreement / RTA Form 18b Moveable Dwelling Tenancy Agreement / RTA Form R18 Rooming Accommodation Agreement (when signed by all parties)

RTA Form 1a Entry Condition Report (General Tenancies) / RTA Form 1b Entry Condition Report (moveable dwellings) / RTA Form R1 Condition Report

Copy of the Body Corporate By-Laws (Where applicable)

RTA Form 2 Bond Lodgment Form

Maintenance Request Form

Received by Tenant