Tenant's Consent - Open House &/or To Take Photos (reletting premises) - AUQLDREPM033

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31 Oct 2019

Form replaced by AUQLDREGN004 - Tenant’s Consent to use a photo, image or video or to conduct an open house or on-site auction.


11 Jun 2015 v1.3

Copyright statement updated.


23 Dec 2013 v1.2

Additions / Changes:

Item 4

Section 203 of the Act requires that the Tenant’s consent be obtained in writing prior to taking photographs for advertising purposes on or of the Premises which show personal items belonging to the Tenant/s and as such the Agent requires the Tenant’s consent below.

Item 6

The Agent confirms:


the Agent will provide the Tenant/s with the RTA Form 9 – Entry Notice in accordance with sections 192 & 193 of the Act prior to entering the Premises. (Not required for taking photos)


the Agent will act reasonably at all times with regard to entry to  the Premises and will observe the statutory notice period of 24 hours.


the Agent will, if requested, provide the Tenant/s with copies of photographs taken of the Premises.