AUVICREPM013 - ADL Distributed Additional Terms

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15 Nov 2022

Fees, Charges and Expenses Payable on Termination

Upon early termination of the Agreement by the Renter (subject to the any legislative provision to the contrary), the Renter will pay to the Rental Provider, the fees, charges and/or expenses set out below:

<<Insert fees charges and or expenses here>>

1) any fees, charges and expenses for early termination of the Agreement must be in accordance with the applicable legislation; and

2) must not be a penalty for breaking the Agreement, they can only cover the costs the Rental Provider has to pay as a result of the early termination of the Agreement;
3) charging a fixed-fee for termination of the agreement (such as advertising or re-letting) is prohibited, unless the basis for calculating such fixed-fees is set out in the Agreement (Refer Regulation 11(i))