Agreement to End an Appointment of Agent - AUQLDREPM010

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11 Jun 2015 v1.2

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01 Dec 2014 v1.1

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The Agent and the Client agree to terminate the Appointment - PAMD Form 20a

Item 4

Commencement Date: ……/……./…….   End Date: ……./……./…….

Item 5



Item 6

This Agreement termination notice must be signed by all parties

Clause 1


By signing this Agreement the parties agree in accordance with the requirements of the Property Occupation Act 2014 the Appointment is ended effective from and on the Agreed End Date (Item 5). to terminate, from the Termination Date, the Appointment made under the PAMD Form 20a dated by giving no less than 30 days notice in writing to the other party in accordance with Section 133 (4) (b) of the Act.


Where notice is less than 90 days, the Agent and Client agree they are satisfied with the period of notice given under this Agreement.

Clause 2

Existing Contracts Important

The revoking ending of the Appointment does not affect existing contracts entered into by the Agent on behalf of the Client prior to the Agreed End Date (Item 5).

Clause 3

In this Agreement the following terms mean:


Act: The Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000.


Agreement: This Agreement to terminate between the Client and the Agent.


Appointment: The PAMD Form 20a -Appointment of a Property Agent - Letting and Property Management commencing on the date set out in Item (4) between the Client (Item 1) and the Agent (Item 2) for the Property Item (3).


Termination Date: See Item (4) of this Agreement.

Clause 4

By signing this Agreement all parties agree to having given prior approval, in accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001, for electronic transmission of this Agreement and any other related agreements, for signing purposes or otherwise, by such means of communication as have been indicated in the Item Schedule to this document (ie. Facsimile numbers & email addresses).